Subscription to Studia et Documenta

The Studia et Documenta journal is an annual publication which welcomes academic studies in the fields of history, theology, law, sociology etc. related to the history of St. Josemaría and Opus Dei. The journal contains a section dedicated to the publication of documentary sources as well as a section which provides up to date information on the principal academic events related to St. Josemaría and Opus Dei. It also includes a comprehensive bibliographical section.

Every volume contains about 500 pages and is published every year in March. In addition to the paper format, the readers are also offered the journal in digital format, in PDF as well as ePub and mobi (Kindle). 1, 2 and 3 year subscriptions are available.

To subscribe, select the desired option and follow the steps until your order is complete. Please note that prices do not include shipping charges (these are automatically added to the cart, depending on the chosen destination).
For back issues and offers, see below.

Special offer: entire collection in paper format

The offer consists of 11 issues: from 1 (2007) to 11 (2017). This is a wonderful opportunity to acquire the complete collection in paper format: the first ten issues of “Studia et Documenta”, plus the 2017 subscription at the very special price of €295.00 (compared to the regular price of €451.00). Furthermore, shipping costs must be included: just €10 for Italy and €18 for the rest of the world.

Special offer: complete collection in paper and digital formats

If in addition to the paper format, the electronic format is also required, then the payment of a slightly greater sum (€ 299.00) will entitle the customer to:

  • issues 1 (2007) to 7 (2013) in PDF format complete with indexes; this is an exact copy of the print edition;
  • issues 8 (2014) to 11 (2017) in PDF, ePub (ideal for iPad, iPhone, tablets and smartphones with Android system and others) as well as mobi (Kindle devices from Amazon).

We will send an email with a link for the download in digital format. As many as 10 downloads can be performed and the journal can be installed on a maximum of 10 devices. The link and instructions will be made available one week after the journal has been posted.